Welcome to Leica Akademie

Welcome to the family. Get acquainted with your Leica tool of choice or learn the fundamentals of photography. Familiarise yourself through outdoor practice to put theories learned into action.


Latest Workshops


One to One Workshops

Receive undivided attention through exclusive Leica Akademie one-to-one workshops. The program of the workshop will be catered to your needs and interest. Our Lead Instructor works closely with you at your pace and critique for your learning and professional development.



Introductory Workshops

Your Leica photography journey begins here! Be introduced to the fundamentals of photography and learn to operate your new Leica compact camera.


Intermediate Workshops

After discovering the world of photography, it is time for you to explore further.
Join our specialised workshops to hone your craft and develop a personal vision in photography.


Travel Workshops

Go on a photographic learning adventure with the Leica Akademie Travel Workshops.


Advance Workshops

Take your photography skills to the next level with Leica Akademie Advance Workshops.

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