Before Trami

A powerful typhoon sliced through Japan on Sunday (Sep 30), killing two and hurt 120 . Fierce winds and torrential rain to areas already battered by a string of recent extreme weather episodes.

The typhoon had sparked travel disruption in the world's third-biggest economy, with bullet train services suspended and more than 1,000 flights cancelled.

There is no hi-rise where I was in when Trami arrive. It is just miles and miles suburb. Rain, heavy winds, and suddenly all came to a halt for an instant. For hours, the silence is noisier than a waterfall. All one can see are the traces of water on the ground, no breeze at all.

Trami hit Kasugai after the stroke of midnight. The heated winds were howling, the rain was warm. Trami lasted for hours. It passed and left Kasugai, and from where I was standing, Trami left me a blue sky.