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One to One Workshops


One to One Workshops

Receive undivided attention through exclusive Leica Akademie one-to-one workshops. The program of the workshop will be catered to your needs and interest. Our Lead Instructor works closely with you at your pace and critique for your learning and professional development.


Leica Akademie, One to One Workshops

Leica Akademie offers a unique 1-to-1 photography workshop for photographers of all calibre. It doesn't matter if you are new to photography and want to learn more about the basics, or an expert and would like to take your skills to an higher level. Our Akademie's instructor will take you through the paces and ensure that you leave the session with a rejuvenated outlook to the world of photography.

This intimate workshop is also suitable for busy professionals who are unable to make it for the Akademie's usual course on schedule.



Half day ($450)

Full day ($900)


To make an appointment or for more details, please contact akademie.lcap@leica-camera.com.