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Closer to the decisive moment

The Leica M looks at the bigger picture, taken from the heart of real life itself. Get into the rhythm of rangefinder focusing and a broader view of your subject. Course includes outdoor practice and waking up to a new vision.


About the Instructor

Mathias Heng is an international photographer with decades of experience. In his travels to places of war, disaster, poverty and human struggle, Mathias has photographed several conflicts and their effects on the civilian population, producing a body of emotionally moving documentary work that captures key moments and turning points in history. His works have been featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Australian, and other newspapers worldwide, as well as non-government organization magazines such as Oxfam USA, Oxfam Australia, Care International and Australian Volunteers International, amongst others. www.mathiasheng.com


The M on Location Course Dates

A good photographer must love people.
Photography needs a high concentration of knowledge; that‘s the only way to take good pictures.
— Ara Güler
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