Leica Foodtography Travel Workshop: Quest for King of Durians


Day 1 - We started our journey in Kuala Lumpur today with a photo shoot at a market along Jalan Petaling, and some delicious local food. We ended the day with a photo shoot at the night market along Jalan Alor, and a sumptuous dinner.

Day 2 - We set off very early today for a highly anticipated day of durian and photography.

After a delicious breakfast of the tastiest wonton noodles in Bentong, we headed off to a private durian farm in Raub to photograph and taste the world's best Maoshan Wang durians.

At night, we had a sumptuous Chinese dinner and visited the Raub night market for a photo walk.

We ended the day with an editing and photo review session where all participants prepare their selected images for critique.

Day 3 - On the final day of our workshop, we woke up early today and head out to the Raub Sunday morning market for a photowalk . It was still dark when we arrived and we immediately went on a search for photo opportunities. The market covers an area of about 8 basketball courts and there is really a lot to see. The locals set up their stalls to sell anything from bags to vegetables, some laid out their goods on make-shift tables while others simply displayed everything on groundsheets. The market is an interesting place that offers a wide range of subject matter for photographers with different photographic experience.

We next went to a tofu factory to see how tofu and soybean drink is made. Photographing the workers in action proved to be challenging as they work very fast and we try not to be in their way. The whole process was very interesting and we did not leave until we tasted the soybean curd and drink.

Before we head to the airport, we enjoyed a hearty meal of Bentong's famous bamboo rice with grilled chicken and curry rendang.