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An adventure in tastes and sights.

Join Leica Akademie on a photography journey to the heart of the world's best Maoshan Wang and D24 durians! In close collaboration with FORBIDDEN Durian - A SunnyHills world project, embark on an Eat-All-You-Can mission to FORBIDDEN's private durian plantation in Raub (Pahang) that has been growing the most mouth-watering durians for the past two decades. You will have the unique opportunity to photograph around the plantation and witness how farmers care for these king of fruits during the harvest season.


About the Instructors

K.C. Eng has worked on advertising and editorial assignments for corporations that include Citibank, Singapore Airlines, and Ritz Carlton, amongst others. He is also a Leica Akademie instructor and Leica SL Ambassador since 2016, and his work has been showcased in various local and international exhibitions and publications.

Ray Tan left his career at a financial institution to become a photographer in 2006. While photographing editorial and documentary stories for magazines, Ray began to work on a personal assignment about centenarian social worker, Teresa Hsu Chih. The photographs were later featured on CNN. He is currently the manager of Leica Akademie Singapore.


Our Partner

SunnyHills, renown for creating wholesome, tasty food from naturally-grown, pesticide-free ingredients, formed Forbidden to working directly with the farms in Malaysia and re-investing back to cultivate its own durian plantation. Forbidden is also a tribute to craftsmanship, with a master chef who have had years of experience solely working on durian confections, an internationally recognised Malaysian Chef, trained in the culinary arts of French pastries. Their mission is to provide the best durian experience that durian lovers from all over the world could share their love and passion for the King of Fruits and take it several steps further. www.sunnyhills.com.sg


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