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The workshop is aimed at photographers who aspire to improve their visual storytelling through Street Photography. Curiosity can stem from the most ordinary situations, and during this workshop AikBeng Chia will share unreservedly practical tips on observation, and guide you to generate unique concepts to create images that will make a successful photo series.


AikBeng Chia

AikBeng Chia (b.1968) is an Illustrator and designer. His photographic work is driven by a musing based on the bonds of human social behavior in public spaces, linked together by multi-centric municipalities. Author of Tonight the Streets are Ours (2013), a monograph on Singapore’s Little India district after dusk, SingKarPor (2015) and self published zines (2010 - ongoing), AikBeng’s vivid and gritty images of moments and people, in Singapore and various cities across the world, have garnered him a huge following on Instagram. He was a contributor to the Everyday Asia Instagram in 2014, and helmed the UK Guardian newspaper’s Travel Instagram account for a three-day special feature on Singapore in 2015. AikBeng has exhibited internationally and his works are in the collection of institutions and private collectors. www.aikbengchia.com

Soulful, poignant and poetic are words not often associated with the mundanities of life, but Aik Beng has managed to transform our perception through his imagery—inviting us to reflect deeper on our overlooked surroundings.
— High Net Worth
...he is one of the most followed street photographers on Instagram, and a published photographer.
— Vulcan Post

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People always say our little red dot is boring. But you need to look closer and observe, and you will see things differently.
— AikBeng Chia

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