Discovering concepts in white space

A devoted Instagram user since 2013, Kelvin Chan started out by sharing snaps on his main interests – design and streetwear. 

With a knack for sublime simplicity and passion for travel, he has developed his own signature shooting style and aesthetic he dubbed “Tones for Lyfe” and “Shotonsofort”

Kelvin shoots for fun and runs his own furniture rental company, Furniche.

How did you become a photographer?

I picked up photography last year while assisting a friend who shares the same passion and artistic values as me.


Which photographer influenced your work the most?

I am highly influenced by the works of Franz and Hosanna –– whose works are inspired by the beauty in the everyday.


What motivates you in your work?

I love how I can immortalise my thoughts and emotions into a still image.


In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

There is no good nor bad, to each his or her own. It’s all about having your own sense of individuality and the emotions you hope to project through your work.


What is your favourite photography genre and why?

I love portrait and design photography. Through portrait photography, I discover the soul of the subject and photographer.


What is the story behind your Sofort photo series?

Largely influenced by the spectrum of design, my photo essay translates the concept of white space, and how we humans interact with the space itself.


What do you enjoy the most about using the Leica Sofort?

The design of the camera speaks to me. It is a well-designed camera, that differentiates itself from other polaroid cameras, through its user interface and unparalleled quality of images. It is a good ice breaker, especially while travelling to overseas or remote islands, it is a good ice breaker. The enjoyment of giving away these polaroid as a gift gives me a sense of fulfillment. Finally, there is a black series which I have been waiting for.


What is the unique difference between shooting with a Sofort and a digital camera?

When photographing with a Sofort as opposed to a digital camera, there’s a lot more thought and intent put into each frame. Every image counts, as you have only ten frames. I love the element of surprise as well, as you’ll never know what to expect until you see the final print. And sometimes, the best shots are the ones which aren’t planned.


Do you have a favourite Leica? Or, what is your dream Leica to own?

I would love to own the Leica Q. The design of the camera speaks to me as it’s simplistic, stylistic and easy to grasp. As I travel quite often, the Leica Q is my best bet, as the interface of the camera is easy to grasp – allowing me to capture the moment, without thinking too much.