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Single Room - SGD $2,200 per pax

Twin Sharing - SGD $2,065 per pax

Open to all users of any camera brand

The Leica Foodtography Travel Workshop aims to take you to the source of the most delicious local culinary delicacies in the region. Bring along your favourite camera and lens as we visit picturesque places along the way and capture the hustle and bustle of local life.

This September, Leica Akademie takes you on a journey to explore the breathtaking landscapes and amazing cuisines of Vietnam. Make your way through the historical city of Hanoi and travel up to the mountains of Sapa. Be ready to photograph the bustling life in Hanoi and the stunning golden yellow terraced paddy fields in the Lào Cai mountainous region. We will be accompanied by renown chef, Madame Bình, who has served as chef at the luxurious Hanoi Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel for more than 25 years.

Taste the exceptional creations of Chef Binh every day, and capture spectacular photographs of Hanoi old quarters, mountains, golden terraced paddy fields, indigenous people, and sunrise through the clouds. Explore the colourful local market and learn to create celebrated Vietnamese delights under the guidance of Chef Binh. This trip promises to be breathtaking in every way.

Don't miss this golden photography and culinary opportunity!


17 SEP

Evening - Arrival in Hanoi - Check in at Cititel Hotel

Night - Free & Easy

18 SEP

05:30 - Photo shoot at Hoan Kiem Lake - Morning exercise

08:00 - Breakfast at Luk Lak

09:30 - Photo shoot at Hanoi Old Quarter - Dong Xuan Market

12:30 - Lunch at Luk Lak

14:00 - Photo review session

15:00 - Long Bien Bridge

16:30 - Nudist beach at Red River

19:00 - Dinner at Luk Lak

21:00 - Photo Review Session

19 SEP

0700 - Check out. Breakfast (phở) at Luk Lak

0800 - Set off to Y Tý

1300 - Lunch at Bat Xat (eating Black Pig )

1400 - Photo shoot of landscape & people

1700 - Arrive at Minh Thuong Homestay

1900 - Special Dinner & Cooking class by Chef Binh

20 SEP

0500 - Get up and set off to Ngải Thầu

0600 - Photo shoot of sea of clouds and landscape on Ngải Thầu mountain. Breakfast & Coffee in the clouds by Chef Binh

1100 - Photo shoot of Autumn terraced rice paddy fields at A Lù

1200 - Lunch at Y Tý by Chef Binh.

1400 - Photo shoot of Autumn terraced rice paddy fields at Lao Chải Village

1600 - Photo shoot of sunset at Choẻn Thoẻn

1900 - Special dinner by Chef Binh at Don Bien Phong Homestay

2100 - Photo review session

21 SEP

0600 - Landscape photo shoot on Lào Thẩn Mountain

0800 - Y Tý Market

1100 - Lunch at Y Tý by Chef Binh

1300 - Photo shoot of landscape and Autumn terraced paddy fields

1600 - Arrive at Jade Hill Resort / Silk Path Resort in Sapa

1800 - Dinner at Sapa

2000 - Photo Review Session

22 SEP

0530 - Photo shoot on Hầu Thào mountain

0900 - Breakfast

1000 - Free & Easy in Sapa town

1130 - Check out

1200 - Lunch

1630 - Reach Noi Bai International Airport

1830 - Flight to Singapore.

Price excludes return air tickets, travel insurance, and personal purchases.


Basic understanding of camera manual functions.

Camera with manual exposure function

Additional batteries

Wide angle and telephoto lens


Remote release (if necessary)

Comfortable shoes that are water resistant

Cancellation Policy

If participant cancels >1 month prior to trip: 50% workshop fee refund

If participant cancels < 1 month to trip: 20% workshop fee refund

If participant cancels < 10 days to trip: No refund

About the Instructors

Phong Gia Nguyen

Phong Gia Nguyen was born in Hanoi in 1982 and fell in love with photography at a young age. He is an accomplished photographer and has worked closely with photographers of all levels. His love of the culture and landscapes of Vietnam has led him to organise many photography expeditions to the mountainous region of Lào Cai, where the amazing colours of nature are on full display throughout the seasons.

Phong's passion for photography is only matched by his passion for fine cuisine, and in 2017, he founded his very own restaurant, Luk Lak, which is regularly voted one of the best in Hanoi.

Today, Phong divides his time between his restaurant and his role as Managing Director of the Leica Boutiques in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Chef Binh

With more than 25 years of experience as chef at the luxurious Hanoi Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, Madame Bình ambitiously brings her never-ending passion and creativity to the table. Highly regarded for her reintepretation of Vietnamese cuisines, Chef Binh introduces a whole new dining experience to food lovers. She will be cooking throughout the workshop and will teach participants to create some celebrated Vietnamese delights.

Tour managed by: Unusual Expedition Pte Ltd

STB TA License: 02513

Earlier Event: September 14
Later Event: September 28