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  • Leica Galerie Fullerton 049178 (map)

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Photography becomes challenging when light diminishes. This workshop will help you understand light (and the lack of it) while equipping you with the right techniques to continue shooting even when visibility becomes limited.

Topics that the workshop will focus on are:-

1) Understand light, and the lack of it
2) Understand ISO, aperture and shutter speed
3) Applying the 3 in low light situations
4) Learn to paint with light
5) Learn to photograph without tripod

Venue:  To be confirmed before workshop.


- Digital camera with manual exposure settings
- Knowledge of basic camera operations
- Dress code: casual
- Equipment to bring:
  * Any Leica camera
  * SD card
  * Fully charged battery

About the Instructor

Mathias Heng is an international photographer with decades of experience. In his travels to places of war, disaster, poverty and human struggle, Mathias has photographed several conflicts and their effects on the civilian population, producing a body of emotionally moving documentary work that captures key moments and turning points in history. His works have been featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Australian, and other newspapers worldwide, as well as non-government organization magazines such as Oxfam USA, Oxfam Australia, Care International and Australian Volunteers International, amongst others.