Experience the fascination in photography

Vignettes of Hanoi

An adventure in Vietnam with the Leica M10-P.



Mathias Heng


Francisco Marin

the art of printing

James Tan


Experience the fascination in photography

Leica Akademie is bringing the magic of photography to you through exclusive and innovative workshops. Whether professional or novice, there is a place for you. Join us and become inspired to be the best photographer you can be.


Dia de Muertos

Explore Leica Ambassador Francisco Marin’s photography series on Mexico’s Dia de Muertos festival, or the “Day of the Dead”.

Dia de Muertos-1000868.jpg
Bobby 4x4 2.jpg

Fast and Furious

Bobby Tonelli takes the Leica SL on a joyride in the television series ‘Celebrity Car Wars’.


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The mission of the Leica Akademie is to share the pleasure of photography and bring the Leica experience to a new generation of photographers.

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One to One Workshops

Receive undivided attention through exclusive Leica Akademie one-to-one workshops. The program of the workshop will be catered to your needs and interest. Our Lead Instructor works closely with you at your pace and critique for your learning and professional development.



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